The Wolf Pack


Trouble Cardy

Trouble is the co-founder and CEO of Pooch Pouch.
Inspirations: Adventures, other friendly dogs and muddy puddles.
Fact: He is made of Velcro and tight labradoodle curls. He looks like Lionel Ritchie from the 80’s when wet.


Bullet Millar

Bullet is Head of Deliveries. He makes sure every package is just right with his sniffer dog abilities and that they reach our customers on time, every time.

Inspirations: Sleep, chasing Trouble and the complete eradication of flies.

Fact: Don’t let his looks fool you. Bullet is faster than…well a speeding bullet.


Amy Cardy

Pooch Pouch Designer. She has been caught way too many times without poop bags and wants to make the world a better place.

Inspirations: Family, Dog Walks and making the quality moments count.

Fact: Not a morning person unless it involves coffee and a sunrise walk along the beach with Trouble.