What We Stand/Walk For:


I always thought I was a crazy cat lady until a crazy Labradoodle came into my life. Trouble (don't be fooled by his name) became my No.1 co-pilot. He is also now the CEO and co-owner of this joint idea, Pooch Pouch. Pooch Pouch is all about sharing special adventures and quality time with your dogs. As we all know, their lives are way too short and the highlight of their day is their time with us, whether walking, sleeping on our beds, napping in our laps or just awkwardly following us to the toilet.

As responsible pooch-owner/pooch-parents, when you take your pooch out for a W.A.L.K, many items are required. I learnt this the hard way. One day I was strolling around the dog park with Trouble. I was wearing my pocket-less yoga pants, carrying keys in one hand, my phone stuffed down my bra and tennis ball under my armpit. It began to rain so we headed back to the car.  When we got there, I couldn't find my car keys. I had somehow dropped them during some ball-throwing action and so they were lying somewhere in the grass, in a massive wet field. We re-traced our steps for the next hour. Trouble was happy with the additional time in the park and getting the zoomies in the pouring rain. I was drenched and my white shirt was now clearly showing my wet phone stuffed down my ugly “dog-walking” bra. Trouble and I took the one hour walk of shame back home to find the spare set of car keys and I thought to myself, if only i had a bag that could carry all our stuff and that we would never forget.

We decided it was time to create Pooch Pouch. Pooch Pouch is a bag designed for both of us. You can attach it to your dog’s lead, harness or a belt so you’ll never forget it. Made with durable and waterproof material (for obvious reasons!), Pooch Pouch has been designed to make your daily dog walks much more practical and pleasurable. Big enough to hold your phone (unless you’re one of those strange people with an iPhone 6 Plus), poop bags, sunscreen, keys, toys and treats. Pooch Pouch is the ultimate dog walking companion (apart from your actual pooch!)